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Athena Narsingh – Your Trusted Family Lawyer in Scarborough

Family is complicated, and legal family matters can make everything even more complex. As a family lawyer in Scarborough for over a decade, I understand how legally, emotionally, and mentally complex such cases can get.

With this compassionate approach, I help my clients through these challenges and transitions to make matters easier for them. Keep reading to understand how I serve my clients as a family lawyer in Pickering.

Services Offered by the Best Family Lawyer in Scarborough

As a trusted and reliable family lawyer in Scarborough, I offer various services that allow me to help my clients. My knowledge is extensively related to the following matters:

1. Prenuptial Agreements (Marriage Contracts)

Life is uncertain, so it is crucial to protect yourself when entering the marriage contract. As a family lawyer in Pickering, I have seen many people lose assets and valuable items because of a lack of prenup agreements.

This is where my expertise comes in to help you draft, review, and enforce prenup agreements before marriage. Many couples trust me as a family lawyer in Whitby, as I have the knowledge and expertise to ensure couples divide their assets with fairness with a solid marriage contract (prenup).

2. Child Custody & Access

The matters of children are fragile, and both parents require custody or access in the event of a divorce or separation. In such an event, you need a trusted family lawyer in Scarborough by your side to ensure the best interests of you and your child during the legal process.

My top priority is to guarantee that everyone in the family is happy with the decision, including the child. So, if you want a family lawyer in Pickering who will take a compassionate approach towards this matter, you can get in touch with my law office.

3. Divorce & Separation

Divorce or separation proceedings can tend to get messy because of the emotions involved in this process. Fortunately, I am a top family lawyer in Scarborough with expertise in divorce mediation.

I weave my deep knowledge of the law with the fabric of compassion to make this process easy for both parties. Having a knowledgeable family lawyer in Whitby is important during such proceedings for a smooth experience.

4. Child Support

Divorce or separation requires financial matters to be sorted for all parties involved within the relationship. Parents must ensure that they maintain the standard of living of their children, which is where a family lawyer in Scarborough is needed.

Canadian Law holds both parties responsible for providing the same level of financial support to the children. As an expert family lawyer in Pickering, I take into account the specific situation of my clients and guarantee the optimal level of financial support for the child.

5. Spousal Support

Spousal support is the money that one spouse has to pay the other to ensure financial support even after divorce or separation. You can pay the sum in one go or on a monthly basis, which is where a family lawyer in Scarborough can help you out.

One thing to keep in mind is that spousal support is a complex component of family law, as one needs to take many factors into account to ensure a reasonable and fair amount for both parties by our family lawyer in Pickering.

Other complexities also come into this matter, especially if there are children, and child support needs to be determined.

To understand the full extent of this aspect of family, it is important you contact a trusted family lawyer in Whitby. Then, you will be in a much better position to decide the kind of support you can get from your spouse.

The Work Process of Athena Narsingh – Your Trusted Family Lawyer in Pickering

Before you decide if you want to opt for a family lawyer in Pickering, you must understand the work process that goes into providing such services.

As one of the top family lawyers, here is what you can expect from the law office of Athena Narsingh:

Initial Consultation with Our Family Lawyer in Scarborough

The first thing in my work process is the initial consultation. During this consultation, I will actively listen to your unique case and get all the important details to make a reasonable assessment of your case.

Then, as a top family lawyer in Scarborough, I will provide you with possible outcomes and routes you can take for your case. I make sure that the client has a comprehensive overview of the legal complexities and emotional challenges that might come with the case.

Once you have all the important information from our expert family lawyer in Whitby, you can decide whether you want to take this to court or settle matters through mediation or other routes.

Creating a Legal Strategy

After the initial consultation, it is my duty as a family lawyer in Scarborough to map out a legal strategy for your case. I make sure to personalize the strategy for each case according to your case, goals, and needs.

Some components of the strategy can involve:

  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Settlements
  • Preparing for the court proceedings

My knowledge as a family lawyer in Pickering has helped endless clients over the years. I will create and execute the best possible legal strategy that will ensure a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties involved.

Our Family Lawyer in Scarborough Filing Legal Documents

Legal cases involve the preparation and filing of different documents needed by the courts. Depending on your case, I am an expert family lawyer in Scarborough who can prepare and file:

  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce petitions
  • Financial affidavits
  • Custody agreements
  • And much more

After that, you will review the documents, and if you require any revisions, then we will make the necessary adjustments to accommodate what you want.

Once everything is finalized, our top family lawyer in Scarborough will file the documents with the courts or legal body involved in your case.

Mediation or Negotiation by Our Reliable Family Lawyer in Scarborough

Depending on the route you want to take, your case might involve negotiations with the opposing party and their legal representative. The goal of our family lawyer in Pickering during this time will be to reach an amicable settlement.

In some cases, we might also have to opt for mediation to resolve any dispute between you and your spouse. As your family lawyer in Scarborough, I will guarantee to keep your best interests in mind during these sessions.

Our Family Lawyer in Scarborough Will Advocate for Your Rights (If It Is Required)

Not all family law cases require court proceedings, which is why this step is only necessary for people who want to take the trial route. If this route is what you want, then as a family lawyer in Scarborough with a deep understanding of the legal system, I will:

  • Start gathering evidence
  • Brief any witnesses involved during the proceedings
  • Develop legal arguments
  • Fight your case in court to ensure a favourable outcome for you

I will advocate on your behalf and present legal arguments and evidence that will only work to help your case. Many families trust me as their go-to family lawyer in Pickering, regardless of the complexity of the matter.

Resolution & Follow-Up

Your case will either end with a court judgment or a settlement agreement. I am a top family lawyer in Scarborough who can assist in implementing court order agreements, such as arranging child support or asset division.

I can also provide a follow-up to ensure that everything went well after the case and you got what you deserved. Such a follow-up is crucial when a child is involved in a family law case and the decision has impacted their daily life and standard of living.

Ongoing Legal Assistance

I am a compassionate family lawyer in Scarborough who is always available for my clients. If you require any assistance or support after your case, I will be more than happy to schedule a consultation or call with you to help you out.

I can provide you with sound legal advice and offer any ongoing support if you have subsequent legal complications or issues. Together, we can ensure a successful journey that will only help your case in the future.

As a trusted family lawyer in Pickering, I am always available to help my clients whenever they require any assistance. You can schedule a call during working hours to ensure you get the help you need.

Contact Our Family Lawyer in Whitby

For more information regarding my legal process or assistance, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will be more than happy to provide assistance and help in any way possible.

As a reliable and compassionate family lawyer in Scarborough, my core values include empathy, professionalism, and confidentiality to help you with your case. If you want to make an informed decision, be sure to get in touch with our office and make the legal process easier for yourself and your family.

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