Custody and Access: COVID-19

Do I have to give the other parent access during COVID-19?

Let me preface this by saying each case is different. Ontario Judges have given us some guidance on how parents should cope with COVID-19 and parenting schedules.

In Ribeiro v Wright, the court states that while these are unprecedented times, the goal is to respect the children’s routine and protect their time with each parent. In general, parents should do the following:

  • respect agreements already in place or work together to adjust the schedule;
  • consider the best interest of the child;
  • maximize meaningful contact with both parents, including video calls;
  • comply with strict guidelines as provided by government and public health officials; and
  • respond to inquiries the other parent has regarding compliance with government directives (Balbontin v Luwang).

In some cases, parents may have to forego their parenting time with a child if the parent is subject to restrictions, such as self-isolation due to potential exposure to COVID.

This global pandemic is difficult for us, as adults, consider how the children are dealing with it. Children need both parents for love, support and guidance during these times.

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