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Top 20 Questions to Ask Lawyer about Separation in Canada

Navigating the legal system or any family case is always an overwhelming experience. That is especially true when you have been married or lived with your common-law partner for a long time. You need to worry about hiring a lawyer, going through negotiations, and...

Separation Agreement in Ontario: 9 Key Components [Explained]

Not everyone needs to go to court to settle matters. If you and your common-law partner or spouse want to settle matters, then you can opt for a separation agreement in Ontario that will enable you to have peace of mind knowing your issues have been settled. If you...

Domestic Partnership Meaning in Canada: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you considering a domestic partnership with your partner in Canada? Well, it is crucial to understand the domestic partnership meaning and the various legal obligations and rights that come with it as you share a domestic life with your partner. A domestic...

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