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Grandparents Rights in Ontario 2024: Can Grandparents Get Custody of Grandchildren in Ontario?

Children have many participants in their lives, from parents to uncles, aunts, and even grandparents. These people play an important role in their guidance and support. In Ontario, non-parents can appeal for an order for contact with the child. Then, the courts...

Divorce and CPP Credit Splitting: Can Ex-Wife Claim My Pension Years After Divorce in Canada?

Divorce means dividing properties, finances, and everything else you and your spouse once shared together. However, you might wonder, "Can my ex-wife claim my pension years after divorce in Canada?" The answer is yes, she can. But there is a lot more to it than just...

A Comprehensive Guide to Enforcing Payments with the Help of the Family Responsibility Office

Going through a separation or divorce from your spouse can be a mentally, emotionally, and financially challenging time. For many people, financial security drops away, and you are left with limited options to help you and your child with your expenses. In such...

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